Typing Issue (iOS)

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For the past two days, when I go to send a text, or type anything, the phone is inputting the letter that is under my finger. Before this, I was able to double tap the letter so I knew what I was typing, but this has stopped working. I hope this explanation makes sense. If anyone can help, that would be fantastic!


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Android here but I guess if you should not check any app handling your keyboard.

It happens I have to reselect the one I want.


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As far as I can guess - something in your settings has changed. When was the last time you powered down and restarted the phone. These days cycling the power seems to be the fix for every sort of electronic fault. Somewhere in the coding something got lost and now the phone is acting strange. One other possible fix - if you don't mind resetting all your settings to factory settings is to do a system reset. You won't lose phone contacts or photos, it just sets all the controls back to when you first bought the phone.

Good luck.