TVs diode failure / replacment

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Hey guys,
So I currently have been working on my new chines tig inverter welder luxor AC/DC 200p. This thing has had a lot of problems but was expected with cheap Chinese equipment. I recently lost the ability to weld in AC. I could switch the machine to AC and you could hear it pulsing but the positive part of the Waveform was missing. If I started an arc if was as if in DC pulsing.

This all started with me adding/modifying this welder. I successfully made the fixed 60hz AC frequency adjustable from 40-200 about a year ago. But I got sick of having a wired pedal cord. So I decided to make a wireless one. I won't get to far into this but the pedal was a RC 2.4ghz controller and the receiver was inside the welder with an arduino board and a digital potentiometer. I finally got the kinks worked out and tested it for the first time. Within 5 mins of testing in AC the welder took this downfall I described earlier.

I am sure I have found the culprit to this AC Waveform problem. It happen to be a tvs diode that failed. Now my two questions are. Could the wireless pedal be what broke the welder? Can you replace a unidirectional tvs diode with a varistor? l only used 16vac off the welder, isolated my own power supply. The 3 wires that go to the pot went to the digital one. The varistor question is just a thought I already have a new 1.5ke150ca on the way but was wondering if a different component could be used in the same location as a TVS diode?

Thanks guys, sorry lot to take in for two simple questions. I just really want to know if I should scrap the wireless pedal or if this was a different cause.