Trying to find an LED Matrix similar to this one or I need help with the pinout of a matrix I have

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So recently I started a project that involves using two LED matrices. For testing, I used a few matrices I found on Amazon as $10 for 5 of them seemed like too good of a deal to pass up, especially since the only other matrices I can reasonably find online are from Adafruit for $4-6 per.

Here's the matrices I bought:

And the datasheet that's supposed to be for them is attached, as is a second datasheet that I'll describe here in a second.

So, here's my problem. I want to use colored matrices instead of red ones. I bought some off of Adafruit without checking the datasheet as I was getting very cocky and thinking the matrices were exactly what I need (the actual datasheet is also attached). They were not. Currently it seems the pinout for them is completely different from the pinout of my matrices. So now, I have two options: find blue and yellow/brown matrices with the same pinout that my matrices have, or find a way to make the Adafruit matrices that I have work with my current circuit. Since I have a bunch of experience working with matrices with the pinout in the datasheet I'd prefer to find more like that, but if I can't I'll have to work with the Adafruit ones.

Either way, either helping me by finding an appropriate matrix or helping me figure out how to use the new matrices would be amazing. If you need any more information from me please ask. Thanks in advance.