Trying to figure which connect type do i need to PID controller.

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Hi everyone.
I want to connect a specific PID temprature controller to an oven.
DTB 4848 of DELTA. (see manual attached)

I want to order this but i don't know what type of output do i need (relay/voltage/current).
I have another oven (same type) that this PID is installed to it.
I'm afraid to open it because i don't know how to do it.
(when it will be arive - a technican man will install it...)

AND - I know that another controller (NOVA's) was connected to this oven,
and i have some pic of this. (Those with the file name starts with 20160127....)

any suggestions...


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So pull the datasheet for the known controller and compare its functions/outputs to the Delta one..
Simple as that..