Trouble getting AT commands to the HC-09 bluetooth module

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Joined Aug 30, 2013
I bought a few bluetooth modules off Fasttech a while ago and got around to trying them out now. The silkscreen on the board bottom says JY-MCU BT Board V1.06. From what I've read this means that the board is supposed to be HC-06 but when I pair it with my Windows machine it shows up as HC-09.

Any idea how I can get into the AT commands mode with these? I tried searching but couldn't find much info on these modules. I tried the methods used with the HC-05/06 and it didn't work. I also tried unpairing it from my computer and then accessing the AT commands as described on their product page but that didn't work either. I think out of the box the device goes into slave mode and the onboard LED blinks rapidly. I can still pair and connect to it through CoolTerm but it does not respond to any AT commands. Any help would be really appreciated!