Triple insulated wire Vs enamel

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Currently I'm making afew smps ferrite transformers. I normally buy my copper wire for the UK as I live there. it's abit more pricey, But only by a couple of quid mind. As it's quick to turn up and also great quality.

Now iv been using 200c klapton tape and class H enameled wire 150c as i assume it's cheaper for the company to coat all the wires in the same it's all h class.

I watched a couple of YouTube videos , some mentioned triple insulated wire and how good it was. Obviously it sounds great. Triple Very cheap from China . But then I looked at the specs class B. 80c. Am i looking at the wrong stuff or do you think I should just stick with the enameled wire and tape.

Insulation ClassAverage Winding Temperature RiseHot Spot Temperature RiseMaximum Winding Temperature
Class 105A55 degree C65 degree C105 degree C
Class 150 or 130B80 degree C110 degree C150 degree C
Class 180F115 degree C145 degree C180 degree C
Class 200N130 degree C160 degree C200 degree C
Class 220H150 degree C180 degree C220 degree C


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I am using triple insulated wire from US and Japan. I can not find it in China.
I find it makes good primary wire for off line power supplies. It really simplifies the isolation problem.