Treadmill speed control help please?

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I have a Gym Master ES-A113 treadmill which has a digital speed controller. I can find no literature on the internet about this exact model.

I can turn the treadmill on and start the treadmill up using the console on or off button, but when the belt starts it runs at full speed... It does not display the correct speed on the LCD screen. If I try to use the - button nothing happens, but if I use the + button them the speed changes on the LCD screen to a faster increment and the motor cuts out. If however I do not press the + button the motor will just run at top speed, until I press the off button on the console.

Now I believe this maybe a problem with the control board...? I have tried to source a replacement with no joy. Now given the fact that I can turn the motor on and off using the console, would it be possible to incorporate a manual speed controller in between the control board and the motor?

How easy would this be and what would I need to acheive this? Or is there some work around that is possible to actually fix this problem?

Thank you in advance for any help!