Transparent aluminium is 'new state of matter'


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It is funny how sci fi seems to be working it's way into main science. The name comes from a fictional material on a Star Trek episode.


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However the State longevity is a real headache here, 40 femtoseconds!!
For my humble understanding the State is sth STABLE where matter may exist a millions of years until touch. So this is not the case when we apply the word State in it`s basic meaning. It is semi-state, or temporarily state, or transitional temporary state.
However in the case of laser physics the state of inverted inhabiting is in the high use of the language inspite of that state is the same rabbit under the hat - temporarily and transitionally blablabla.
Thus, congratulations gentleman, now we have obtained a Fifth Element, pardon, State. Only what we miss is Mila Iovovich to demonstrate it with a glance at the Sunset climax once every 10 000 years :).