Transmission lines doubt

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Hi guys, does anyone know how to calculate the absolute phase in this problem? Thanks in advance (I don't need all the things that the problem demands, just the absolute phase)

We have a transmission line of physical length [L] meters. We perform a measurement of the phase shift introduced by the line as a function of frequency and obtain the result shown in the figure. For the frequency [f1] MHz and the measured phase shift [ph1] degrees, calculate the velocity factor of the line.

NOTE1: The velocity factor is defined as the ratio between the propagation speed of the line and the speed of light in a vacuum.

NOTE2: Keep in mind that the measured phase is between -180° and 180° and you need the ABSOLUTE phase. L = 46,920 m, f1 = 4,950 MHz, ph1 = -104,800 degrees. Answer in units of [unitless]. Required relative error [0.1%]."