Transformer Identification

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Jerry Dziuba

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Is this enough information to get me in the ballpark of what I need to look for to get a replacement for a transformer?

Input winding approx 160 turns
Output winding approx 1200 turns

The wire is so fine there is no way for me to accurately measure the gauge. The wire for the 1200 turns is like fine hair, and the wire for the 160 turns is like coarse hair - if that helps at all :)

Also not sure I can do much to measure the core as this entire transformer is fairly small. I am including a pic for reference:

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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Looks like a Xicon audio xformer, available from Mouser (42TMxxx, 42TLxxx series).
Without more info (schematic) it is impossible to tell. E


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Looks like it just injects the muli-vibrator circuit into the probes, any small 5:1 7:1 signal transformer should do it, if the ratio you give is correct.
I wouldn't expect it to be super critical.

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Jerry Dziuba

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The original was still working, it came off an existing PCB we are trying to replicate and modify.

BTW - I ended up picking out 5 different transformers to test and all of them work with varying degrees of sensitivity which is actually a nice find. I just need to get them all on the test bench to see what one will work best under "real world" conditions. So thanks for your help!