TP4056 1A battery 800mA..

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hi I have just ordered an TP4056, I have a portable game with 3.7V 800mAh LiPo battery which coukd be charged via usb. Unfortunatly the usb plugin got disconnected form the device but the battery ( a squared one with no cable) can be easly removed. I did not managed to find any charger for it so I got one TP4056 which should be fine. There is a arsistor you need to change based on the battery . The existing one is for 1A but the battery is 800ma. Volt is fine. wondering since the spec say up to 1A if is just fine to use as it is or i just change the resistor


Do you know where I.can find battery holder with existing contacts I could use to build my charger based on TP4056? I could not find any seller...maybe i will build one with 3d printing then I need only contacts for this type of battery ;)