Toggling room ceiling fan light from both wall and fan remote

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Hey all,

Got a question here that may help someone else one day as well.

I've got a ceiling fan with light that has a single set of wires coming in, and everything the fan does is controlled via the remote. I got another identical brand new fan, and while it's disassembled I have inspected the circuit. The LED light module contains all of the regulation circuitry on it, and it accepts 120VAC directly, so I already know I can wire it to the wall switch if I run an extra set of wires through the fan housing. (The room already has separate switches for the fan and the light, but the fan is wired to only one because that's how the manufacturer designed it.)

Question is, I want to be able to toggle the light from the wall when I come into the dark room, and be able to switch it off (or on if I need to) from my bed using the remote. What component do I need to be able to toggle the AC with both the wall switch and the remote at the same time?

The controller inside the ceiling fan switches the hot (L) of the light, the neutral is always connected.

Suggestions are appreciated.