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Just seeing if anybody knows of a toggle switch configured on-off-on with an auto return after let's say 5 sec or so? Needing turn signals in my racecar and the toggle switch I use right now is fine but I tend to leave it on alot. (No way of knowing other then a tiny light I have). Anything I could do to have it "spring back" on a delayed timer. Even if I need to build a small circuit to trip it with a potentiometer to adjust delay. Just not really sure how to pull it off.

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You could use a spring-back switch, such a Dd suggested, along with a timer (e.g. 555 or resistor-capacitor-MOSFET) to delay the off.


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I've never seen or heard of a switch that will spring back to "Open" after a set period of time. That's not to say they don't exist.

What you want is probably a "One Off" setup. Meaning you're going to have to build something to suit your desired reaction. A center off spring loaded switch is easy enough to find. You'll just have to build a circuit that detects the closing of that switch then powers the blinker for a set period of time. Meaning you tap it to the right and then let it go, and the right turn blinker activates for a set period of time, be it - five seconds, 10 seconds; whatever time period you design for. Then the blinkers turn off. This is what I mean by One Off. You're probably not going to find such a manufactured switch. Most likely because there may be two or three people in the whole world who would buy one.

My Tacoma (2017) has a blink feature. Tap the turn signal lever up and the right blinker will blink for three times then stop. Or to the left - same thing either way. OR you can hold it for a prolonged blinking period. But during racing I'm guessing you probably don't want to be holding a switch at 212 MPH. Maybe you can find something like that at a junk yard. I don't know if the blink function is controlled by the computer or if it's controlled by a Body Control Module (BCM), or if it's something that stands alone.

Crutschow has the right answer - spring loaded switch to activate a 555 timer. The timer controls the blinker.


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Assuming the switch center (wiper) normally is connected to 12V blinker and the contacts go to the turn-signal bulbs, here's a relatively simple circuit that doesn't require a ground connection, which should do what you want:
The value of R4*C1 determines the delay time.

You will need two circuits, one for each side.

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