Toast machine circuit

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Hi, my toast machine stop working. Now i try to repair it.
1 ) its selenoid is not working . How can I test selenoid.?

2) in the back there is a magnate( very interesting). When İ put them between wires it stars working ( heat starts, leds re open) but still selenoid not working. This is normal? (Picture 2). This 2 wires should be affected? Or not



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... wild guess
In the picture, it looks like there are one or two bimetallic segments, that act like switches as if to turn off the heating element at some degree if doneness. ... So, check and see if one of the metal strips is jammed, in such a way that it is not free to rotate, as it should.
... There are several other possible ways for it to not work. One or two more pictures may help.
...edit ... Make sure unit is unplugged before inspecting.
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