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Recently I have been promoted to production team manager position, and everything is fine and so.
I work in small company,there are like 7 people in production team, and in order to avoid morning meeting to assign everyone a tasks for day, i want to move to simple digital platform.

So,the thing I am looking for is simple task management tool, that would give me an option to assign tasks for every person I am on same page. Make a list of task, something like:
Person one: Do this, then check its done, after that you need to start task 2 and so on so one.
Same applies for all employees.
In company we are using Jira for product improvement tasks and epic tasks, but it is too complicated for low level operator whom simply need to be assigned tasks like - assemble 10 of those, when ever it is done - mark as finished.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

Thank you!