Tips for a cheap 1 servo transmitter and reciever

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lets start by saying i know just about nothing about electronics. i have come up with an idea which i have tested with an rc car that i tore apart for the receiver and servo. it actually turned out well and did exactly what i expected. i am trying to turn this idea into a product i can sell, so continuing to tear apart rc cars for my electronics is now out out of the picture. i want to make my own transmitters and receivers for this product but i have no idea where to start. i have done research for the passed week and most things are way beyond my expertise. my original idea was to just buy already made receivers and transmitters but i cant find a transmitter small enough to fit in 1 hand like i need that is cheap. I have to keep this under $30 to make and the only way i see that happening is by making the transmitters and recievers myself. so let me explain what i need and lets see if any of y'all experts can help point me in the right direction of a place to buy these or tips to make them.

i need a transmitter that can fit in 1 hand that has 1 thumb stick that goes up and down. Then on the other end i need a receiver that can move 1 servo. it has to be good out to at least 150 ft but 450ft is my goal.

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Welcome to AAC, Garrett.

Your range pretty much dictates RF, not IR. As for your design,there is so much integration in 4 to 8 channel (i.e., servos in common nomenclature) that you would probably be better off incorporating chips from one of those systems and only using one channel rather than trying to get a one channel device per se.

I have used very inexpensive systems that were 27 MHz and only 2-channel (see some of the blimp toys and similar from China). But, I am assuming you want good proportional control and little interference.

Be aware that in the US, frequencies are different for cars and aircraft. That may apply to other nations as well. Looking long term, you might be better off using a 2.4GHz minimal system.