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  1. red robbo

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    Feb 25, 2015
    My first post, so please be gentle!
    My car has a headlamp powerwash system, but only sprays high pressure windscreen fluid for approximately 1 second. This second worth of spray does absolutely zero to clean the headlamp lenses. I do appreciate that without the help of mini headlamp wipers, a jet spray isn't that efficient anyway, but well, I'd like to extend the spray time to maybe, 3 seconds.
    The powerwash relay circuit is completed by a BCU (Body Control Unit). The BCU completes the circuit by allowing an Earth connection, but as stated, only for a second.
    So, finally to my question!
    The 12v + power cable that goes to the powerwash motor, if I were to interrupt the 12v+ power, and wire in a timer delay relay, before sending the 12v+ on it's merry way to the wash pump, would 1 second of power (programmed by the BCU) fully charge up the timer relay, or does it need to be permanently connected to function?
    As soon as the BCU cuts Earth, the circuit will be broken.
    I'm unsure if 1 second is enough to power up a delay relay.
    Or just replace my standard 4 pin relay altogether with a timer delay version?
    Again, my BCU would only allow 1 second of complete circuit, before it would cut Earth.
    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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