time step error on my half bridge amp (LTSPICE)

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Not sure if this is the right sub-forum to post.

I'm having time step error when trying to simulate my class d amp (half-bridge).
I have posted the asc file and a picture of the circuit.

I have tried the following and still doesn't work.
1: add a 0.1ohm resistor at voltage source of +5v and +12v
2: check the "start external dc supply voltage at 0v"

Also, is there any issue with this circuit ?? Planning to use it for WPT application. Output of the half bridge to the transmitter coil. Maybe i will make a seperate thread.



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you might want to
remove C3
put 100Ω R to pin11SD on U1
ground your gates to sources with reverse diodes (and resistors ~1kΩ or higher)

(the .asc without link to U1 IR2110 model is much useless)