Thyristor Bridge Rectifier Single Phase Full Wave

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For a single phase full wave bridge rectifier (thyristor controlled), I am having a bit of trouble calculating values for Mean & RMS voltages and currents and would like to know whether I have got the calculations correct as follows:

For a RL Load where the inductance is assumed infinite to produce a ripple free current, am I correct in thinking that the RMS value of the load voltage is the same as the applied RMS voltage to the bridge? Also, for the RMS current, am I correct in thinking this is the same as the dc current value as the waveform is assumed to be ripple free?

For an RL Load with freewheeling diode, the RMS load voltage can be calculated in the same way as for the R load and the RMS load current will again be the same as the dc value of the load current because an infinite resistance and thus ripple free current has been assumed?