three state switches?

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Hello and thanks always for your help.

I have a quick and simple question.
We all know about switches. They can be open or close, on or off and they can transmit a binary value to the input of an IC or turn on a lamp or whatever.

But what if I want to implement some circuit in which three (or more) states are necessary. I first limit it to three states because I dont want the discussion to go to a potentiometer and A/D converter. Let's say I need just three states.

It doesnt necessarily have to be switches.. is there some kind of electronic part with which I can implement this (and so that the program in my IC can now if I am in stage 1 or 2 or 3??

EDIT: Thinking more about this, I ve come to using two switches which would give me a 2 bit signal 00 01 10 11 that gives me 4 options and use two pins of my IC. However I would like something more permanent that I dont need to be pressing the switch all the time..

I guess if I want to use only one pin that would imply using analog signals....
Anyway, any other ideas you guys have??
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The modern approach is to use a single push button switch and count the pushes. Each push represents a different state you need to detect. I dont always like this, but if there are not that many states it works ok.


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Toggle switches don't need to be pressed all the time.

Have you considered rotary switches, that have multiple throws? They have multiple poles, too. For example, a 3P4T switch )I just made that up; unsure if that exact configuration is available).

If the number of positions is small, such a switch is available as a slide switch. Think of an old boom box, with a slide switch choosing between AM, FM, CD, or Aux.

There are also rotary encoders. I am think for example of a thumb wheel switch, that encodes decimal to BCD.

You didn't mention how many states you want to select between?