Three Phase Inverter Arduino Control Question

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Hello Guys, I am designing a three phase inverter at 180 degree conduction mode. I want to check if my control algorithm (using Arduino) can work.

Basically, 180 degree mode of conduction implies that each MOSFET (Inverter Figure 1) conducts for 180 degrees of the time. The top MOSFETs T1, T3, and T5 are 120 phase shifter. The same goes for the bottom MOSFETS T4, T6, T2.
In my Arduino Code, I used 6 pins in total. Each Pin produces an SPWM (Sinosoidal PWM signal) that represents HALF a Sine wave (180 degrees).

I have my all three Sine waves (SPWM) looking like that in the second attatchment.
I have used 6 pins, each PWM pin produces an output that conducts for 180 degrees. (180 degree mode of conduction).

Please see the first and second attachment to understand the explanation below:
Pin 13 is the signal going to T1, Pin 10 is the signal going to T3, Pin 5 is the signal going to T5 (all 120 phase shifted).
On the other hand:
Pin 4 which is 180 degrees out of phase from Pin 13 will go to T4, Pin 9 will go to T6, and Pin 2 will go to T2.
For illustration purposes, Pin 4, Pin9, and Pin 2 are not actually negative pulses. They are just drawn in that way to show that they are 180 degree out of phase from Pins 13, 10, and 5.
For example: Pin 13 and Pin 4 will look like attachment 3 on the oscilloscope.

Can someone let me know if my logic will work to produce three phase sine waves 120 degree phase shifted? Thank you very much in advance.