Thread holes on stepper motor nema 17 arent deep enough

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I bought this nema17 bracket for my nema17 stepper. I aligned all four (front) holes on the stepper with the bracket holes. The 2 bottom holes (near the base of the bracket) is where the 2 screws went in all the way, but the top screws didnt. Is this normal? Do I just get shorter screws?

NEVERMIND, I just saw that it was the 2 holes where I had taken out the back screws on the stepper when I tried to fix it onto a home made aluminum bracket. When I realized I had to front mount it instead of back mount it, I bought the front-mounting brackets online. But I had successfully removed 2 of the back screws on the stepper at first, however I tried to hard to remove the other 2 back screws that I stripped the screwheads on those 2 backscrews and those are the ones that are still in the stepper and therefore the ones where the front screws dont fit.

I did find shorter screws for those blocked holes.
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Are all the screws the same length? Are all the holes the same depth?

The screws might be long enough to be able to use recommended washers or lock washers.

Meaning....that if you do not use the proper washers....the screws might appear to long.