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    Agreed! Love all of those guys.
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    Yeah, I have just about all of Richards books, co-incidentally I must have brushed shoulders with him at some point, maybe more than once, growing up and working in Oxford at the time he was there.
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    An immense amount of brain power was there but it shows how little we really know about what makes us human and what is the threshold of intelligence and consciousness. Consciousness is a strange creature that we all know about but is just about impossible to describe in a strictly scientific way or be able to able to calculate precisely. Is consciousness like a fundamental particle or quota of some undiscovered force like a photon created by the energy of our brains that increase in quantity as brain power increases? Dogs dream and are conscious but should we see that as distinct from human consciousness or just one of many levels, some lower but others much greater that has a variability like intelligence in normal humans. How are intelligence and consciousness linked if they are linked. So many questions and so few answers that seem to be close to the right answer.