Thermocouple circuit design question

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So far I have read every thermocouple blog post and article I have been able to find regarding the three governing laws of thermocouples. So far I have not been able to find a suffice explanation as to if this configuration will work or not. I have a system which is 100% in accessible. with no way to get a signal in or out other than a tungsten inlet and a tungsten outlet. Due to pressure, heat, and physical constraints I cannot get any other signal in. What I need to know is whether or not this configuration will be able to yield accurate temperature measurements from inside the system and if so what do I need to do to compensate for the unknown junction. I have attached a diagram so that you can see the wiring. Please if you understand thermocouples, I need some help here. I am truly grateful for any and all assistance you can provide. Thank you so much for your assistance.



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With only a fraction of a microvolt being generated by the low temperature differential between Tb and Tsense. You probably will not be able to discriminate the true temp based on the temp coefficient of the two materials.
The junction temp is too close to the connection temp.