Thermal Fuse Covering


Joined Jun 17, 2014
Interesting and useful about the fans. I have been asked to fix a few of them that "just stopped" and while on some it was the cord breaking inside where it flexes as the fan swings back and forth. So a thermal fuse buried inside the motor may be the culprit. Now I know another cause to search for when a motor is just open circuited..
Thanks for the clue!!
Oh no problem you are very welcome. I had to fix a few of them myself. The thermal fuse on most of them was a little black square shaped thing not too thick, maybe 1/4 to 3/8 inch square and about 1/8 inch thick with two leads. I think they were jammed in between the windings and metal parts but it's been a long time ago now.
I can get a picture of one if needed.

The major appliance type like in the coffee makers i have seen were all the bullet shape type. Same in the power strip surge protectors i've seen.