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I'm looking for a respectable book that has a theoretical definition of VSWR that I can read and take the most important aspects to use in my report which I have to hand to teachers in about a month time. I mean, I don't need the most scientific and mathematically complex definition that you can find but something that an Electrical Engineer student can understand and stand for when the report is presented to teachers for argumentation.


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I can forward the link of my course I apply for 12 grade secondary school pupils in every autumn. The most of the slides are around SWR and RF things. Sorry, its all Latvian, but the is still working, besides the pictures looks all languages the same, except the (probably) Cheeneeze.

Thank you very much but this must be taken from a book. Teacher wants it like this, otherwise he says it looks too "amateur". I also have slides from my own teacher and I'm not using them exactly because of that!

Sure it has but I cannot mention this site or other sires as sources of the material I'm using in my report. I need to find a book that has such definition. I already did the same for Transmission Line Theory and Impedance Matching definition! I used a book and took from there what I needed. But this book didn't also have a proper definition for VSWR. It's the only theoretical definition I'm missing at this point!

Any book you guys can find, please link them here!

Once again, many thanks for the replies and help. Even if I can't use them for my report, I'll read at least the one linked from AAC because it's in english and it saves me some translation from Latvian.


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Maybe you will find what you need in one of these:

Introduction to Microwave Theory and Measurements
A. L. Lance
Mc Graw Hill
Section 3.5 (page 25) Standing Wave Ratio
Library of Congress (USA) card number 63-23468

Electronic Communications 4th ed.
Dennis Roddy, John Coolen
Sections 13.7 - 13..9, Standing Waves, Lossless Lines at Radiio Frequencies, Voltage Standing-wave Ratio pp 479-484
ISBN 0-13-312083-X

ARRL Antenna Handbook
Edited by Gerald L. Hall K1TD
American Radio Relay League
pp 73-74, Standing Waves
Download pdf:

Transmission Line Theory
Prof. Ronals W. P. King
Dover Publications, Inc.
1855, 1963
Start on p/ 175, Impedance and Admittance
U.S. Congress Catalog Card Number 64-8269
Download pdf:


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Re: Cappels
Thanks a lot for antenna book link. I had it previously in installable software format what is damn unhandy and takes too much a place. :)
P.S. Looked and checked, this book actually is 1980, whilst AARL Handbook is 2010 and hardly thicker, over 4000 pages.