The world's fattest boy who weighs 192 kilos at the age of 10

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    Apr 5, 2008
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    Why did his parents wait until he was so obese before they started doing something about it? That's child endangerment, neglect, abuse, ...

    What they're doing now is another extreme; only brown rice? His body may go into starvation mode and burn muscle instead of fat. One of the fad diets that trick the body into burning fat might be more helpful; though nothing can succeed without first addressing what caused the weight gain in the first place.
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    Apr 16, 2010
    Sad, and unlikely to ever be normal.
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    Apr 15, 2016
    It is sad indeed, I have a friend who’s body does not give him any signal when it’s had enough food.

    Once, three of us on a return business flight, the stewardess served up three steaks, but two of us were tired and not hungry so my friend ate all three with no problem at all.

    I tend to be at the opposite end of the scale and can go without food for prolonged periods with little effect on me, but my friend needed food at somewhat regular intervals otherwise he became irritable and couldn’t function at his best.

    The biggest drain on our health service is down to obesity related problems, and whilst I have sympathy, because they have a hormone imbalance, I can not condone the huge cost and related impact they cause for what is a self afflicted condition.

    My sympathy wanes when I see an obese person hobbling about with the aid of crutches, or riding in a wheelchair that looks like it’s made out of scaffolding tube, because they are not prepared to address their problem.

    There was a case in the UK where the fire brigade had to be called out and demolish the side of a house to get an obese teenager out to go to hospital, in a specially reinforced ambulance.

    At the end of the day obesity is avoidable at no cost.
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    Nov 30, 2010
    As I aged, I found that my body was less willing to notify me when to quit eating and less adept at discarding junk food. I have to make up artificial rules in order to avoid getting fat. Some of them include: Don't feed your stomach until it threatens to hurt you, then only give it enough to fool it. (Never keep eating until you feel full, your "full" meter isn't working.) Running on empty isn't just a song, it's a lifestyle.

    I don't think these are appropriate for our member at The North Pole, but I can testify that it works in Florida and California.:p
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    I couldn't help but notice one of the first comments on the article, "The government needs to get involved...."

    While his parents might shoulder a lot of the responsibility for his current condition, if he has the syndrome in which his body constantly tells him he is starving, it will be a miracle if, as an adult, he wouldn't end up in the same place even if his parents had limited his intake as a child.

    Imagine how hard it would be to go for four days without drinking anything, based solely on a decision not to do so, while in a room filled with pitchers of water. Few people that haven't been in a situation in which there was no water available can imagine the overwhelming drive to drink that results and how it would require superhuman determination to not drink something if it were available. The same is true with food. Now imagine that your body tells you that you are that thirsty or that hungry no matter how much you eat or drink. Does anyone imagine that this kid, or anyone else that is morbidly obese, actually WANTS to weigh that much?
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    Nov 23, 2012
    What's wrong with parents in Indonesia? There was this story a few years ago...

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    It works in Arizona also.
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