The thin material enclosing all wound nichrome wires

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What is (and function of) this brittle thin material, if it's broken it'be a bit shiny white flakes, which encloses the wound nichrome wires in a heat element?


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RE:""it's really chromium oxide""
Its sure for its oxide. It evolves by heating and in very begining is zero thin. But wonder if it is chromium oxide as the color is wrong. Chromium (II) oxide is black, chromium (III) oxide is green, chromium IV oxide is hypotetical product, chromium VI oxide is orange. None is white. Probably it is nickel oxide??


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Oxidation results in Oxides, ( such as "Chromium-Oxide" ).

Oxidation is often referred to as corrosion, or "rust",
and is caused by the Oxygen in the surrounding environment chemically combining with a Metal.

Higher-Temperatures accelerate the Oxidation process.

Higher-Temperatures accelerate ALL Chemical-Reactions, ( certain Electrical-Processes too ).


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"NiChrome" is an Alloy of several different metals.
How it will react to Oxidation, depends on the various properties of the various metals
and how they interact with each other.

The NiChrome that is used for consumer-grade-products is not even remotely "high-purity",
there may be many traces of other metals in the mix that
are not removed due to the excessive expense of the required,
additional, processing steps that would be necessary to remove them.

About the only accurate thing that can be said about NiChrome-Wire is that it's "mostly" Nickel.