The rear lights of a car are to be controlled by digital logic

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The rear lights of a car are to be controlled by digital logic. There is a single lamp in each of the rear lights.

The inputs are:
  • -LT left turn switch — causes blinking of left side lamp
  • -RT right turn switch — causes blinking of right side lamp
  • -EM emergency flasher switch — causes blinking of both lamps
  • -BR brake applied switch — causes both lamps to be on
  • -BL blinking signal with 1 Hz frequency
The outputs are:
  • -LR power control for left rear lamp
  • -RR power control for right rear lamp
Implement each function LR (BL, BR, EM, LT) and RR (BL, BR, EM, RT) with a 4-to-16-line decoder and external OR gates.


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You have not asked for what you want (other than the obvious for us to solve the problem for you).
This is a Homework Help, not Homework Do forum.

What's your approach to solving the problem?
Have you studied the 4-to-16-line decoder to understand how it works?


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Here is an example of using a decoder to solve the brake light problem; however, the design parameters are far outside the original instructions which require use of two 4-to-16 line decoders plus some external OR gates. This solution uses a single 3-to-8 line decoder plus some OR gates. Logisim circuit file attached for anyone who may want to run the simulation.