The physics of inductance of various wire forms.

Yes...very funny.

But it is not babble. It is specific to the concept of Matter/Energy interchange or the UFT.

The Atomic Particles of Mass...Protons and Neutrons...are comprised entirely of Quanta. Thus Matter is at it's smallest level...Energy.

Quantum Chromodynamics bonds together such Quanta as Quarks and Gluons to such an extent that to seperate them Infinite amounts of Energy would be required. However this does not change the fact Quarks are blinking in and out of Universal Reality at will.

So there is alot going on in Quantum Mechanics but the fact remains that the Higgs-Boson is responsible for giving Protons and Neutrons the ability to obtain Mass. Thus a Particle/Wave Form of Energy determines whether an Atomic Particle will create Gravity.

Given is not too far a leap to think that under certain amount of Energy in conjuction with a quatity of Matter taking on additional electons in the Matters Electron Orbital Fields...could be responsible for a measurable increase in Gravitic Effect.

Just Sayen.
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