The most pleasant audio system you can remember, ever ?


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I had a 1965 Pontiac Bonneville that came with an aftermarket reverb. When I had music playing and hit a hard bump, it went Boioioing. I don’t know why, but it made me happy. :)
The boing came froma spring reverb. I has a Fender Twin Reverb amp. Did the sane thing if you bumped it.

sparky 1

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AR3 replication AR3A designed by Roy Allison. Roy became vice president teledyne 1967 included submarine acoustic systems. LeCroy and many other quality instruments and consumer products. What a team Von Braun had.


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Anytime I put a 5.1 DVD-AUDIO (MLP Lossless at 24/96 Resolution ) song on the cars 5.1 surround system.



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Duane P Wetick

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Picked up an old Howard W Sams Photofact sheet off a neighbor's workbench for a Masco PA Amplifier he was servicing. This Amp used tubes in a push-pull configuration; 6L6's or 6V6's and produced some great sounds with little distortion and had the power to drive some big Woofers as well as intermediate range speakers. I built several for myself and even built one in highschool electric lab (1964) to showoff (ostensibly) my prowess. Also built several for guitar musicians (Beetle mania).

Cheers, DPW [ Everything has limitations, and I hate limitations.]
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I had a high quality Heathkit tubes amplifier. I took it to a MacIntosh amplifier clinic where they tested 10% even-harmonics distortion. After replacing the tubes, the distortion dropped to 0.5%. but I needed to replace the tubes every 3 months for low distortion. The even harmonics were "musical" because they are one octave higher than the fundamental frequencies.

I replaced the amplifier with an HH Scott solid state receiver in 1964 and it still (56 years old) plays with very low distortion today.