The Loihi research chip includes 130,000 neurons

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I've just watched an "Earwig/Earwick ?" crawl up the wall, then hesitate and turn/look back at 1 point, (that visually really looks like all the rest to me), and then continue up a vertical line, that passes within a millimeter or 2-3, of a hole in the wall (left from thumbtac), and that looks like a low-light dark spot to me. And the creature didn't seem to pause at all as it walked by it.

So I think these intel neutral net chips must be pretty cool, where do I get 1 ? IO searched, but didn't see any site trying to sell me 1, just news articles.
I think there's actually a little USB thumbdrive sized version, with 2 of some Loihi chip/IC on it. I'd love to get 1

The Loihi research chip includes 130,000 neurons optimized for spiking neural networks