The future machines we dreamed about but never got


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The one that came close to actual production. 1963 Chrysler Turbo. A distant in-law was one of the prototype temporary "Owners". 200+ people were chosen to drive one of 55? cars for 3 months before it being returned to Chrysler.
Jay Leno says his is only 1 of 2 in private ownership and I have seen the one in the Smithsonian collection. Rumor was it would burn the paint off the car behind it at the red light but its final exhaust temperature was actually cooler than an internal combustion engine.


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I always thought so too. The body was custom built by Ghia of Italy. More commonly known for their body on the Karrman Ghia Volkswagen.


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Flying cars? Please , No. The roads a bad enough now with the number of incompetent drivers. I can imagine a skyfull of falling cars dropping all over the place.
Traffic control would be a nightmare. There are enough air control issues now with normal airlines! How would airspace over private property be controlled? People are shooting drones out of the sky now, can you imagine the scene if someone flies over a person while they are sunbaking round their pool in a bikini etc.

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We might eventually get these machines but they were 10 years away in the 60's per the experts. It's been 60 years and all we really have is low level Artificial Stupidity that's no match for the human kind.


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What percentage of trains use turbine engine's these days ? Why do I get the impression they mostly went back to diesel piston engines, or most stayed like that anyways. I don't have trains around here, so I don't hear them.


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The majority of trains are Deisel-Electric. Deisel to drive the generator and electric to drive the axles. Same for most large ships. The military Arleigh Burke class Frigates are Turbo-Electric using aircraft type engines to drive generators and electric to drive the propeller-shaft as are many others. The jet/turbo engines produce much more power per unit of weight as compared to diesel piston engines. It is a trade-off of longevity vs. performance.


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Tankers, freighters, bulk and LPG carriers have Diesel engines driving directly the propeller/s.

The military use diesel fuel while merchant use diesel fuel for maneuvering and IFO (intermediate fuel oil) when under way. The reason is that IFO is heated sometimes up to around 100°C prior being pumped through the injectors. With engine idle for some time you risk the fuel to cool down in the piping, something you do not appreciate.

There are modern engines able to even start and maneuver with IFO.

Sailing in a vessel with steam turbines was marvelous; no noise, no vibrations!! Pity; thing of the past.