The dell power supply D3D1C makes very loud noise.

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Hello! Interesting information! I have not had PSU breakage yet but it makes very loud noise. I have installed this model about 5 months ago ( and I think it is too short time to be broken. But what can I do with this noise? Is the replacing the only one solution?


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I would check the fan for a toothpick or some other long slender item lost into it. Or, check if it is a piece of paper flitting. Also, a chunk of fan could have broken off it is was molded badly (or struck something). That could be a vibration.

These new supplies run at such high frequencies, there is little if any transformer steel to be buzzing.

Other option is that it is cutting out from some thermal or overload issue and turns on again as soon as the cut-out is stopped.

As DD suggests, a video or audio with the noise would be great.

Finally, it is a fairly low power supply for that high cost. Was the original such low power too? If not, you might be overloading this little supply (265 watt). Any video card added/upgraded that would draw more than original power?