Dell XPS Gen 3 Power Supply schematics

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I know this thread is old, but I have the same power supply on my old Dell XPS Gen 3 tower. About a month ago it wouldn't start. I disconnected all cables, blew out any dust with canned air and put a jumper between 15 and 16 on the ATX motherboard plug and the fans spun up. Tested all the voltages and all checked out. Reconnected and all was well after that. Yesterday I opened the computer case and tried to power up to no avail. Today I did all those steps but got no voltages on the ATX plug. I opened the case and the fuse is good. Without a schematic I refuse to probe any further. Does anyone have a source for a schematic or direct replacement the model # is the NPS-460BB D REVISION 00 the board inside is a Newton Power Ltd. NPS-460BP D 2950142700 there are no signs of burnt components if any of you have fixed this I'd be curious to know if it was a simple triarc or rectifier replacement. I'll replace the whole unit if I can find a new one. An equivalent replacement would be second choice. I'd rather fix it and test it than pay a pro but that's not out of the realm of possibilities.