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I have an idea that has been bouncing around the hollow space I call my brain. There are parts I have plenty of, I will put them up for any one to trade. This thread is open to anyone meeting the guidelines of this forum. A user should post two lists, what they have to trade, and what they would like to have. Negotiations should be done via PMs. I strongly recommend no transactions involve money. If a transaction obsoletes the post please delete or modify said post. In the event of a conflict you may post why you were unhappy, no more. As always flaming will not be permitted on AAC. Packaging and shipping costs are up to the sender. ESD sensitive parts should be wrapped in foil or equivalent. In the case of through hole chips I would suggest corrugated cardboard with slit cut into it for the pins to protect the pins.In most cases shipping will cost more than the parts, A 11" x 6" bubble back would cost around $3.75. For this reason I would suggest putting the parts in a conventional envelope with cardboard to protect them.

TBN – To Be Negotiated.

I’ll start off:


1N4007 Quantity TBN, unlimited (I have a lifetime supply x2)
1N4454 Quantity TBN
PN2222 Qty TBN
PN2907 Qty TBN

741 Qty 2
Instrumentation Amp IC – any part number
Schottkey Diodes - any type
Zener diodes - TBN


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I'm game, but I tried working out some barters with a few AAC members 5-6 years ago and it turned out to be a waste of my time. Mostly because they valued their parts too high or weren't really interested. I use readily verifiable prices from sources like Jameco, Mouser, Newark, Digikey to place a value on parts instead of what I actually paid for them. I think that makes it fair for both parties.

I thought it was a good idea when I started a bartering group for electronic components on Yahoo about 15 years ago - plugged it on AAC a couple times. It never really worked out. I bartered with one person a few times. Our transactions were for parts that totaled several times the shipping cost to make it worthwhile. That's my strong preference for any trades on AAC.

I'll scrounge up some lists I made for that Yahoo group when I get a chance. I have 10-20 different values of zeners, but relatively low quantity for most. Some (3.3V, 4.7V, 6.2V, 6.8V, 15V) I have hundreds on tape.

If we work out a trade, I'll throw in a couple 741's if you're okay with untested used parts. #12 gave me some years ago. Most of my parts will be new old stock and I'll note for any that aren't. Smoke free home; trust me, it matters.

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Like I said, lets keep money out of it, just components. I will delete side conversations so as not to clutter up this thread.
I remember trying to sell someone a few parts (A few obsolete OP-amps) to somone across the pond. Shipping was what killed the sale. It costs nearly $25.00 USD to ship anything small from US to UK that won't fit in an envelope and he would not believe me.


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Trades must be of sufficient value to offset shipping costs. Use verifiable sources to value components.

EDIT: moved my wanted list to a separate post for ease of editing.

For barter:
  1. Parts are mostly new old stock.
  2. Smoke free home.
  3. components on tape (resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc) may have adhesive residue on them.
  4. Suggest reforming higher voltage capacitors before use.
  5. Some EPROMs are used and untested. Erasing/cleaning/blank testing/programming available for additional cost.
  6. Likely have more quantity that what is listed for most parts.
  7. I have limited numbers of the HP and Tektronix numbered parts. They command a significant price premium and I'd prefer to trade those to members who are repairing equipment from those manufacturers. Please provide the model number of the equipment being repaired.
  8. Open to cash sales if you have insufficient quantity, or nothing, to trade. You pay for shipping.






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Whilst Wendy’s thread has laudable intentions – the cost of components from ebay sellers makes it more effort than it is worth.

When I started out in electronics back in the mid 1970s I was paying over 10p for a single BC108 transistor (probably around £1 in today’s money).

The prices given below include postage - with that equivalent BC108 transistor now costing 2.5p.

200 low power transistors – various types (£4.98 – 2.5p each)|tkp:BFBM7MzL0txi

50 op-amp type 741 (£6.82 - 14p each)|tkp:Bk9SR9S9tNLcYg

0.5W Zener diode pack of 300 (various values - £4.65 – 1.6p each)|tkp:Bk9SR_qzktLcYg


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Continuation from post #5



I use the weighing tray to hold small components and isopropyl alcohol for cleaning with acid brush. I have 2 larger sizes that I use for sorting and weighing parts available.

Other misc. items:
  1. Single- and double-sided copper clad boards, various thickness (0.005-0.060") that I can cut to size, rectangular only, dimensions +/- a mm or 2. Mostly FR4 and unknown copper weight.
  2. Clear 1/8" thick plexiglass, smallish pieces.
  3. 100's of 2"x3" plastic zip lock bags with white area for writing.
  4. Dozens of small clear plastic rectangular clam shell boxes, approx. 2.75"x1.87x0.5 inside dimensions.
Medium weighing dish (not 41mmx41x8):

2"x3" plastic bag:

Small plastic box:
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Looking for:
  1. P or N channel MOSFETS, logic level preferred, through-hole
  2. Xicor X2201 1Kx1 NVRAM
  3. Rail-to-rail opamps
  4. single sided copper clad boards, half ounce cladding preferred
  5. antistatic foam
  6. LM317 in TO-92
  7. Blue or white LEDs, 3mm or 5mm, ultrabright or standard brightness
  8. heat shrink with adhesive, any diameter
  9. 4-48 SS nuts
  10. 12 position DIP switches
  11. Schottky diodes
  12. EPROMS (27C1024, 2732, 27C32)
  13. crystals, crystal oscillators
  14. 8 pin machined pin sockets
  15. 24 pin machined pin sockets, 0.3" wide
  16. BNC coupler male-male, BNC male-female right angle
  17. 6-32x0.25 PHP screw, SS preferred
  18. 74AC14 DIP
  19. TO-3 heat sinks
  20. RCA-F to BNC-M
  21. flexible stranded copper wire
  22. inductors, saturation current 1A or greater