TFT LCD screen size change

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hello all i have a project involving changing the size of the LCD screen, i believe its TFT, the only thing written on it is "MG1.77" what does this mean, its written on the 20 pin ribbon cable. Nothing is written on the back of the display.

The LCD screen measures 50mm diagonally, i am looking for something @40mm.

1.77inches is about 45mm so it could be the size of the LCD but why is it on the cable?

Is there a standard pinout for LCDs, Ive googled 20 pin LCD screens but i am hoping someone can assist.



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Assuming the LCD is a graphical display rather than the simple character display, changing the "size" can mean various things:
1) You cannot physically trim the display without ruining it. ;)
2) If you mean keeping the same number of pixels in a smaller form, there may be some hope.
3) If you mean reducing the number of pixels displayed, you will need to re-write significant parts of the code, which of course, you do not have, and in all likelihood cannot get.

Back to #2: Yes, there is some consistency between pinouts of 20-pin LCD displays, but it is not 100%. One thing you might be able to do is find the power pins (Vcc, Vee, and GND. If there is a backlight, you may find those too. The data pins are probably in the same order on virtually all displays. The biggest problem is the the command codes between displays with different drivers may be different. That would require reprogramming, and you are back to #3.