Text to speech/ Port from Raspberry Pi to new processor

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    Nov 3, 2014
    1. I have a made a code on raspberry pi which takes images from raspberry pi camera and do image processing and convert text into speech. code is working. On raspberry pi I have used its pi camera & audio jack only. Code is written in python. Now I want to modify the product as size of raspberry pi is large & consumption is high. Pi zero is not avaible in large quantity.

    2. Which low power processor I should use to modify the size of board and control curent consumption of product also so that it can run on battery also.

    3. Or should I port code on microcontroller? One problem in this case I have used python for programming & code uses libs like pytesseract, ocr, numpy. In microcontroller how do I port this code? Also camera interfaced is pi camera whose drivers are pre written on pi & audio drivers also.