Test equipment placement - heating concerns

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My lab is growing quite nicely but I don't have a lot of desk area.
I am thinking to make a small desktop bookcase with slots for the scope and generator and a flat top to put stuff on as well, something like this:
I realize these machines need to dissipate heat and have air cooling in place, which requires some room to vent in/out.

I just wonder, purely asking for your opinion (and everything I choose to do is my own responsibility) - what would you consider an effective gap between the machine and wood?

Currently, I am thinking 3cm each way (left, right, top and back).
Also, is it a problem if I wanted a solid back for my bookcase or better to not close it at all? I prefer a solid back to manage dust but obviously, if airflow is a concern, will make sure the machines are safe, first.

Any thoughts appreciated :)


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If you are stacking the equipment vertically, put the ones that create the least heat at the bottom and the the ones that create the most at the top, otherwise you will cook the top units.
Most larger test equipment has cooling vents in the back, sides and top. Cut a vent in the shelf back cover, at the bottom of the shelf to let cool air in and make sure there is enough clearance at the exhaust vents to allow the air to circulate out the front of the shelf. Three centimeters should be plenty of clearance.


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Use wire shelving. Full airflow all sides that way. Wide varieties exist in both widths, depths, and numbers of shelves.


I've got a couple that are only 18" wide and 18" deep, as well as larger. Target, or online suppilers.