Tape recorder project, this is an 834 circuit , would it be suitable for a tube based tape recorder.?


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You can easily Electronically emulate Tape-Saturation-Distortion, and/or, Tube-Distortion ............

It surely beats the current astronomical price of Recording-Tape.

You can also duplicate proper Tape-Emphasis and De-Emphasis with
simple Op-Amp-Filters, and drive any Recording-Head, Tube or Solid-State.

Probably the biggest problem You will have is finding a Tape-Head that's not completely worn-out.
Or one that hasn't spent most of it's life in a "mis-aligned condition", with a crooked groove worn in it,
making it totally impossible to ever get the Heads back into proper alignment.

Worn Tape-Heads gradually loose their High-End-Response,
and there's no way to get it back.

You'll also need Meter-Drivers, they're definitely necessary for recording.

My suggestion is to just tell everyone,
"oh-yeah, the music is coming from my vintage Reel to Reel Deck",
"see the Reels going round and round" ? ............
While you're actually streaming your music off of a Thumb-Drive, or your Computer,
which will be much higher Fidelity, even if you're not trying.

You can always mix-in a little background Hiss,
and some synthetically generated "Wow and Flutter", just to add to the "ambiance".

It's been around ~50-years since I spliced a piece of Recording-Tape making Radio-Commercials,
I don't even know if Tape is manufactured anymore.


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Why a tube amp? It's a masochistic exercise trying to eliminate mains hum and keep magnetic fields of mains frequency away from the tape and heads.
On the bright side, the mains frequency is handy for bulk erasure of tapes.