Tapco Thump TH-15A Amplifier repair

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Hi, New here. So I'll try to explain the best I can...

I was playing music on my Tapco Thumps at very low levels then suddenly one speaker stopped playing music and started smoking from the amps air vents at the top. So I immediately turned it off, I noticed while switching it off the power led light was on then off and it repeated this a few times before I could turn it off.

I've taken some photos if that helps, with inspection I noticed the blown capacitor this is the only visible issue I can see.

I'm not a expert at this kind of stuff, I could replace the capacitor, but not sure what it actually does or how to read diagrams.

Could someone please help me figure out how to repair this? Do I just need to replace the Capacitor?20220429_031045.jpg20220429_031108.jpg20220429_031045.jpg20220429_031052.jpg20220429_031105.jpg20220429_031108.jpg20220429_031119.jpg20220429_031145.jpg
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Have some transistors & diodes been removed, they appear to have been cut off the pcb.
The blue capacitor next to D105 is kaput.
Good luck........