Tankless, instant hot water heater

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ok, to those of you who say it's safe because of the airgap (not to mention your gf/wife washing their hands or brushing their teeth or infact just touching the taps near to the shower)....

All the people who think it's not safe (me for one) why don't we all chip in a few dollars on paypal, and then a person who claims it's safe buys and fits it and then record yourself on youtube using the shower :) show us adjusting the shower head, splashing around and get your gf/wife/kids to go brush their teeth and make sure they are touching the the metal parts of the taps :)

I'm sure if we all threw in $5 bucks each to someone who claims this is safe, i'll gladly watch you prove us all wrong and show us infact it is safe.....

(failing that, Mythbusters)


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Let's just bring this to an end. Everything of worth has been said several times and hairsplitting over relative dangers and possible non-lethal shocks is diluting the real message of electrical safety with no compromise.
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