Take A Quick Look At My Electronics 2 Lab Theory+Spice Assignment.

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I've put my whole heart into this assignment because I really want to learn.

The assignment is about:
Exercise 1) Differential Amplifiers.
Exercise 3) Cascodic Amplifiers With Feedback.
Exercise 4) Schmitt Trigger & Square Generators Using OpAmps
Exercise 5) Oscillation Generators Using One Common Emitter Stage With Phase Shift Feedback.

In the attachments, you will find the .pdf complete assignment paper and a .zip file with everything,
including the lab notes + assignments and my own LTSpice Simulations.

The PDFs have been translated from Greek to English using Google Translate, but I think they came out
pretty nice.



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OK, SHARING here does happen.
Unfortunately it seems that I am not able to open the attachments. In addition, the files are quite large and take a lot of time to try to load, at least with my connection at this time.
If you are well past basic circuit theory, certainly the topics on the list are good choices for additional study. One caution is that "cascade amplifiers" sometimes refer to one very specific multi-stage arrangement of direct coupled amplifiers. There are quite a few other types of multi-stage amplifier that are much simpler to analyze, and to design.
Sections #4 and #5 are also very useful circuit functions to understand, although mostly not used as frequently.

What is not mentioned in the list is resonant circuits, although they will probably be present in the section about oscillators..
But certainly this list will be a very valuable part of an electronics education.
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