Swapping wig-wag for standard potentiometer in a mobility scooter drivetrain

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Please be nice to me...first post here! I'm currently building a Toylander, a kid's ride on Land Rover. Thread here...


It's going to be powered by mobility scooter running gear...a Pride Legend XL8 to be exact. The throttle control on the mobility scooter is currently done by a device called a wig-wag, essentially a potentiometer with limited travel. Pull one paddle, and the scooter goes forward, pull the other and it goes backwards. There's 3 wires going into it.

This works fine with a tiller steered scooter, but it no good for a miniature car with a conventional steering wheel and accelerator pedal. I have a "sliding pin" style potentiometer that will sit under the throttle pedal and work as any e-gas system does in a conventional car.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram or an idea of how I could basically swap out the wig wag for the throttle pot and a forward/reverse switch? I'll start things easy (hopefully) with just a simple switch somewhere, but once I've got that bit working I intend to use this. It's a gear lever from an off the shelf Peg Perego kid's jeep, and has the following functionality.

Lever straight up-low speed (great...the mobility scooter has a 4mph/8mph rocker switch, so with a bit of fettling, this will take care of the 4mph function)
Lever back-high speed (this will take care of the 8mph function)
Lever held forward against a spring-reverse

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Something to bear in mind, this will be driven by a 2 year old, with the driving ability of a 2 year old. It's being built by a 43 year old, with the electrical knowledge of a 2 year old. All the engineering bits, the woodwork bits, painting, that's fine, but electrics are really not my thing so keep it simple on the explanations if possible please!! Thanks in advance!!


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Start by measuring the resistance between the slider (common) of the potentiometer in the wig-wag device and each end of the potentiometer with it first in the neutral position and then at the end of it's travel in both directions. Also measure the resistance between the ends of the potentiometer. You should now have 7 readings. Post the results.

HI, were you able to solve your issue.
I have Toylander Jeep MB43 and also want to change the wig wag switch for a throttle. Exactly like yours.
Looking for the right way for the wiring.

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I am about to try this on my mobility scooter... (needs to be more than 20a) i used this one on a small kids rideon car it works great, cut the varibale twist pot out and swap it for a pedal...

Am assuming i can do the same with my scooter, loose the wig wag thumb forward and reverse for a rocker switch, and swap the speed pot for a foot operated pot.