Survey about Microwave Isolator

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Dear forum members.

I am reaching out to you specifically to your expertise in the microwave.
My name is Mun, and I am a graduate student trying to implement a novel nonreciprocal scheme to a prototype isolator and hope to benefit the R&D community. Would you mind sharing your opinions and expertise by answering the following short questions?

  1. Could you name a few situations where the isolators are used?
  2. Which product features would you consider valuable ? Isolation, insertion loss, VSWR, bandwidth, power rating, cost, size…etc.
  3. What frictions/drawbacks have you experienced?
Thank you so much in advance for taking the time and sharing your perspectives!


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Hmmm. I lead one small design project half of year ago, but budget was too small to get a good results, So, there are rapidly growing problem about no good instruments to measure hard over 3 GHz microwave fields in urban environment. Thus the demands for sensitivity are about 0.1 W/m2, frequency range 1 GHz to 1000 GHz. My idea was to install most precize existing digital thermometers (0.5x0.5 mm size) to the platelet of "absolute black" and "absolute transparent" dielectrics and for aim to roughly estimate the field frequency the third thermometer to the "microwave grey" platelet. Thus, thermometry part within microKelvin range I got ready (and indeed, as I suspected, thermal drift was well synced between all three), but I wasnt effective enough to select good enough all three platelets. Seems the best black platelet must be find in nanocarbon realm, the transparent probably the quartz stays near the demands but I have no proofs, and for grey (semitransparent) the bandwidth in which it have relation of transparency = function of frequency I cannot even name any direction where to look for.