surge current in full wave Rectifier

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    what is surge current in full wave Rectifier ???
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    Well, that question is little too general because it depends highly on what is sourcing the rectifiers.

    For example, if you source it from a low impedance line then the surge will be large and limited mostly by the capacitor ESR and the dynamic resistance of the diodes.
    But if you source it from a transformer, then it depends a lot on the equivalent series resistance of the transformer as well as the equivalent series inductance.

    An interesting example of a transformer source is a wall wart. The wall wart has to be able to put out a given voltage with a given load, but at the same time limit the current so that it can not overheat. The current limiting action would be caused by the internal winding resistance and the built in inductance, and these would mean that the surge current is more limited by those two than anything else.

    These problems are why it is hard to model real life rectifier circuits without knowing all the specifics about the parts, because those details make a huge difference on the outcome of the analysis.