Supercapacitor - High Current charger

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Hey All,
How is everyone charging and balancing their supercapacitors? There are simple ones that do over voltage portection using a zener and NPN but they are don't seem to balance very well.

I came across the SABmosfets, recomended by the digikey sales team which seem to be good a choice but not sure how it would handle when charging the supercaps at 70A. The model i hope to use is the ALD910019. The power supply source is from 12V 75A PSU stepped down to 8V using a buck-converter LTC3868. The SABmosfets are chosen based on the leakage current of the supercapacitors from table2 mentioned in the datasheet on page 7. Based on the table at 1.9V the mosfet would begin to conduct bypassing 0.0001uA and close to 10mA at 2.7V. My supercaps are in a 3s2p configuration.