Superb Owl vs Super Bowl

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I'm hosting a visitor from Brazil. She heard several people at a client talking about the Super Bowl - and she could only interpret it as Superb owl since Super Bowl didn't make any sense to her. After googling, she came to me to ask what's going on? It turns out, there is a rash of Superb Owl posts this week based on some typo and Twitter. Kind of funny.

And, as I write this, my wife points out there is even a CNN article.


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It was an answer in a recent Sunday NY Times crossword. The clue: (paraphrrase)

“Exceptional messenger at Hogwart’s?”

Each of the theme clues was a common phrase that could be read two ways, with the clue referring to the not so common reading.

Looking forward to working today’s puzzle while watching that Superb Owl on TV.