Sunbeam heating blanket sensor bypass, maybe?

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I have a Sunbeam 180w electric blanket that I want to be able to run off of a Stanley 500w portable power inverter. I'm being told that because of a sensor the blanket won't work in the inverter. I work a split shift and take a nap during the split, it's too far to drive home. I thought a solution for this winter would be a "real" heating blanket and the inverter.


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I can't think of what sensor would prevent it from working. Did you try it? What does it do?

I can think of two alternatives

1) Use a pure sinewave inverter.
2) Use a 12v DC heated blanket

The 12v heated blanket will be much more efficient than using an inverter. Depending on how much heat you need, you might need two (one underneath and one on top) as they likely put out less heat than a regular 120v one.

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The light just flashes on the controller when plugged into the inverter. Works just fine plugged into a wall outlet. I'm trying to keep from killing the battery in the car or having to keep the car running, might as well just run the heater.


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500W at 12V is 41Amps from your battery,!! , the inverter musn't be a sine wave but a rounded square wave type, and the sensor doesn't like it, you can use a separate thermostat, or better to get a 12V heater more efficient less battery waste.

Can you post pics of the controller..


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Electric blanket controlers these days only work on pure sinewaves. Ones ive opened up use triacs to controll the temperature. Electric Throw rugs are a lot cheaper & use a lotless power, but again will only run on pure sine waves. I have a Ebay 12V dc 55W throw rug that works ok, depends on how cold it is (it doesnt snow here)