Suggestions required for small embedded computer

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Vindhyachal Takniki

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1. I need a camera interface which some audio output. Image taken has to be processed inside & its contents to be spoken out.
Earlier I thought of using raspberry pi as it has camera & audio out, then internally OpenCV can be used.
But it has large form factor, I need something smaller. Also raspberry pi has large footprint & major problem is its current consumption also.
I need to tailor down my application for this task only.

2. Any suggestions on it which board can be used?


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How large is too large?
How much current consumption do you require?

You need to define what size/current draw is acceptable to you..
Required processing speeds,etc..
You have very little useful information in your post.

Its going to take power/current to process images.. plain and simple..
Seems some have opencv working on arduino nano boards but I'd guess a computer is also part of that..